Frantsila Essential Oil - Peppermint
Frantsila Essential Oil - Peppermint

Frantsila Essential Oil - Peppermint

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Refreshes and helps focus. The essential oil is suitable for use in the Salt Aroom Salt Aroma Diffuser.

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The essential peppermint oil has a strong permeable, herbaceous mint camphor scent. Peppermint pleasantly stimulates blood circulation. You will feel it as a cooling, refreshing and warming feeling. Treat tired feet with a lovely foot bath, pamper irritated skin or use antiseptic peppermint oil as an ingredient in fresh mouthwash, for example.

Peppermint essential oil is steam distilled from a flowering herb.

Aromatic peppermint has been cultivated for thousands of years in China and Japan and is already mentioned in the Bible. 1,000 BC was also found in Egypt. preserved peppermint, which was used as a form of currency. Peppermint has traditionally been considered a soothing and refreshing herb.

Pack size: 10 ml

Instructions for use: You can use essential oils, for example, to make body oil. To your liking, add a few drops of essential oil to a tablespoon (about 15 ml) of neutral skin care oil. Jojoba oil, for example, is well suited as an oil. The essential oil is also suitable for creating an atmosphere in a scented lantern or diffuser, for example.

Ingredients: Mentha piperita (peppermint, essential oil).

No animal testing, artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives.