Harmony Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser
Harmony Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser Harmony Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser Harmony Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser Harmony Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser Harmony Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser

Harmony Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser

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The Salt Aroom combines the benefits of salt and aromatherapy. Diffuser, room fragrance, humidifier and salt therapy device together.

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The device has free delivery in Finland. 


Salt-aroma diffusers have been developed to withstand the use of salt in particular, which ordinary diffusers cannot withstand. The devices are easy to use; only water, essential oil and rock salt are added to the tank (you can also add only essential oil or rock salt to the water if you wish). The desired operating time is selected with a timer. The devices are equipped with an LED light with a choice of 7 different shades. Salt Aroom diffusers are quiet to use. 

The device uses 100% natural essential oil and genuine rock salt.
We recommend using pure white Himalayan rock salt in the device. You can order white Himalayan crystal salt here: White crystal salt. Ordinary (non-iodinated) Himalayan crystal salt can also be used in the device, but it may discolour the tank during prolonged use. 

Model: Harmony
Power: 12W
Water tank capacity: 300 ml
Timer: 1h / 3h / 6h / On
Automatic shut-off when the tank is empty
Led light: Available in seven different colors
The device is sufficient for a 25-35 square meter space
Device size: 170 x 170 mm
Power cord length: 150 cm
Warranty: 12 months

Read the operating instructions before using the device. Please note in particular that the tank must NOT be emptied of water from the air intake side, as this can accidentally cause water to enter the machine. However, if damage occurs, dry the machine well for at least two days before using it again to allow the machine to dry properly. The warranty of the device is void if it is broken due to careless use. 

When the tank is full of water (max. 3 dl), the yield of mist is lower than with a slightly empty tank. This is perfectly normal and is due to the fact that the diffuser operates through the UV cell at the bottom of the water tank and its operation is enhanced as the water mass decreases. 

Always empty the tank before adding new water and Himalayan crystal salt and / or essential oil. According to the instructions for use, do not add more than 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the tank water (max. 3 dl). However, the device is so effective that we recommend adding a maximum of 1/5 teaspoon or 1 ml of crystal salt / tank of water and limiting the operating time to 6 hours a day, which is excellent enough to get the maximum benefit from the device's salt therapy. 

The Harmony diffuser has a separate inner cover. When filling the tank, always replace the inner lid first and then the top lid. If the inner cover is stuck inside the top cover and you place both covers in this way, the inner cover will not fit and this may cause a misting outlet.


The Salt Aroom salt-aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to evaporate water, salt and essential oils to produce a pleasantly cool and fragrant fine mist. Salt Aroom moisturizes your skin, relaxes it, reduces fatigue, stress, improves the quality of the room air and makes it smell good. Relieves lung and respiratory problems. 

Essential oils have been used for millennia for a variety of treatments, especially aromatherapy. Soothe, relax and invigorate the mind. 

Salt therapy can be used as a natural alternative or as a complementary treatment. It has no side effects and has been shown in clinical trials to achieve significant results in the recovery from respiratory diseases. 

Salt-aroma diffusers are easy to use; only water, essential oil and rock salt are added to the tank, after which the appliance is plugged in and switched on by pressing a button. 


Salt therapy strengthens airway resistance, protects against the flu and relieves symptoms of respiratory diseases. It is a very safe treatment for all ages, including young children and expectant mothers. It has no interaction with any medication. Salt therapy can also be used to treat pets. 

Salt therapy is good for everyone, but it is a particularly effective help, e.g. the following health problems:    

  • asthma and chronic bronchitis    
  • obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)    
  • cystic fibrosis    
  • various chronic or acute respiratory diseases    
  • allergic rhinitis    
  • nasal congestion    
  • sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis    
  • ear infections    
  • pneumonia    
  • cough    
  • snoring and sleep disorders    
  • problem skin (acne, eczema, psoriasis) 


Importer: Tuisa Oy

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