Bambu dry body brush
Bambu dry body brush Bambu dry body brush

Bambu dry body brush

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Dry body brushing prevents cellulite and loose skin and prevents fluid build-up.

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The stylish Bambu Dry Brush is well-shaped and sturdy in the hand. The stem part is made of antibacterial bamboo and the brush part is made of soft natural brush. Made from 100% ecological raw materials. Does not contain any plastic.

Brush height 5,5 cm.

Benefits of dry brushing:

  • Eliminates fluid that has accumulated in the body    
  • Promotes skin regeneration    
  • Fights cellulite    
  • Increases blood circulation    
  • Makes the skin soft    
  • Prevents the formation of pregnancy scars    
  • Helps the lymph nodes to empty

Instructions for dry brushing:

  • Always brush dry skin.    
  • Do not use excessive force, brushing should not feel uncomfortable or painful.    
  • Start with a dry brush from your feet and proceed either along the strokes or in a rotating motion towards the heart. So always move in the direction of your heart, and above your neck, always move towards your chest.    
  • You can dry brush problem areas such as thighs and buttocks longer.    
  • You can brush from five minutes to half an hour and several times a week.    
  • Finally, wash off the dead and detached skin cell and grease your skin.


Bamboo is a very ecological material. It is the fastest growing plant in the world and very versatile. Bamboo grows again from the point where it is cut. One plant individual can produce up to 15 kilometers of bamboo sticks. Bamboo is an inherently antibacterial material.