Wash nuts in bulk (100 g in installments)
Wash nuts in bulk (100 g in installments) Wash nuts in bulk (100 g in installments)

Wash nuts in bulk (100 g in installments)

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Now you can also buy washing nuts from us in bulk. Sold in 100 gram lots - buy as many lots as you need! Price 18 € / kg.

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Price 18 € / kg.

100% eco-friendly.
100% skin friendly.

The shells of the walnuts dissolve sapoin in the water (temperature from 30 degrees), which removes dirt, cleans the laundry and makes it soft. There is no need to use a separate rinse aid at all. Wash nuts are suitable for all types of laundry, including wool and silk. Nuts do not leave chemical residues on laundry, such as chemical detergents and are therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and sensitive skin. Nuts and saponins are 100% naturally degradable.

Use: For example, put 4-8 half nutshells (according to the degree of soiling) of the walnut in a small cloth bag and a cloth bag in the washing machine. The same shells can be used 2-3 times after which they are disposed of in biowaste. Wash nut solution: Crush a handful of wash nuts and soak overnight in 1 liter of water. Strain the Wash Nuts and store in the cold. The solution is stable for about a week. Applications of the solution: For cleaning, washing dishes, cleaning floor and furniture surfaces, cleaning septic tanks and sewers, shampooing, washing fruits and vegetables, cleaning various metal surfaces.

The Chinese soap berry (Sapindus mukorossi) is a species of deciduous tree belonging to the family of soap berry plants. The fruit of the tree is commonly known as "Chinese soap berry" or "wash nut." The tree grows at the roots of the Himalayan mountains up to an altitude of 1,200 meters.