Tomato salt 180 g
Tomato salt 180 g Tomato salt 180 g

Tomato salt 180 g

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€31.12 / kg. The tomato salt of the Himalayas is a breeze from the freshness of the mountains and the warm evenings of the Mediterranean.

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Tomato salt is excellent especially for Italian-style dishes, stews and soups.

Ingredients: Salt (65%), tomato, dark cane sugar, potato starch, basil, rapeseed oil.

The crystal salt used in Tuisa's spice mixtures is a pure and mineral-rich natural salt.
There are no artificial additives or preservatives in the mixes - only genuine natural products.

Tuisa's high-quality and pure crystal salt meets all EU and international quality standards.

Quality certificate

No child labor is used in excavation and packaging.

Tuisa's spice mixes are made and packaged in Finland.