Himalayan crystal salt fine 1 kg
Himalayan crystal salt fine 1 kg

Himalayan crystal salt fine 1 kg

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Grain size 0.5-0.9 mm. Crystal salt wonderfully emphasizes the taste of food and is used like regular salt.

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Tuisa's Himalayan crystal salt is 100 % natural salt. Does not include anti-caking agent.

Most of the world's salt is obtained from salt deposits deposited in the soil and from the sea by evaporating seawater. Crystal salt is mined from the lower parts of the Himalayas, where the salt has been trapped millions of years ago. The pressure has caused the structure of the salt to crystallize.

The purest crystal salt is among the stone and the dark gray rock salt as reddish-white veins. Because of its color, the crystal salt is also called the rose salt. Crystal salt is a natural resource with few occurrences and mechanical extraction is impossible. The crystalline salt was formerly called the "salt of kings," for it was the privilege of only a few.

Tuisa's high-quality and pure crystal salt meets all EU and international quality standards.

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No child labor is used in excavation and packaging.