Saltpower salt inhaler (ceramic)
Saltpower salt inhaler (ceramic) Saltpower salt inhaler (ceramic) Saltpower salt inhaler (ceramic)

Saltpower salt inhaler (ceramic)

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Contains the purest Himalayan crystal salt (coarse salt). Now two years of salts with the inhaler!

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Saltpower brings clear relief for a variety of lung and respiratory ailments.

The Himalayan salt mines have been used successfully for centuries to treat asthma, allergies, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases. Recently, salt therapies have become a popular treatment again in many European countries. Salt rooms, clinics, and therapists offer salt respiration as an alternative treatment for many lung and respiratory diseases, immune system disorders, and many other diseases. Now you can enjoy this treatment cheaply in your own home with the Salt Power Crystal Salt Inhaler.

The Saltpower crystal salt inhaler is of great help, for example:

  • for asthmatics    
  • for allergy sufferers    
  • flu symptoms    
  • tobacco-related diseases    
  • other lung and respiratory diseases    
  • helps cleanse the lungs of impurities    
  • improve singing sound

Place the tip of the barrel in your mouth and inhale. Hold your breath for a while and then exhale through your nose. Continue this for 10-15 minutes a day. Do not blow air into the barrel, as moist air may clog the barrel. For hygienic reasons, it is advisable to change the salt about every 3 months. Use Tuisa's pure coarse table salt or bath salt.

The Saltpower salt inhaler is ceramic. Height 12.5 cm and width of the base approx. 7.5 cm.