Heart-shaped salt soap
Heart-shaped salt soap

Heart-shaped salt soap

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Crystal salt soap treats the skin naturally. The salt cleanses and disinfects and its minerals nourish the skin and maintain the skin's moisture balance.

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Size 6 x 6 cm.

The salt is very cleansing and there is no need to use other toiletries

Instructions for use: Himalayan mountain soap can be used as usual. Dampen the soap and swirl your hands, after which you can wash your skin with your hands. If desired, the salt can be left on the skin during the sauna to act. Can also be used as a deodorant.

Crystal salt helps e.g.    

  • for allergy sufferers    
  • atopic skin    
  • psoriasis    
  • acne    
  • mosquito bites    
  • swelling    
  • stretches


"I use salt soap almost constantly. During times of stress, my skin develops a rash like psoriasis, which disappears faster with salt soap and otherwise my skin stays in better condition than if I didn't use salt soap. I scrub salt soap on my washed feet, and to my experience there's no bad odour even with a standing job. I highly recommend this, because the salt soap seems to last forever." - Kirsi Lestelin


"A wonderful and versatile product that can be used to wash the face, hands and the whole body. It is really plentiful. The skin feels great after washing." - Meri Lindström


"Nowadays, always in steam use! Just wonderful especially when a guy brushes soap all over my back! this at the end of bathing in the armpits, gets a natural deodorant. " - Irja Tammisto


"I like salt soap. I soak the soap first and rub it with a damp sponge, then wash it with a sponge. Sometimes I tried to rub the soap directly on the skin and the skin broke. But when applied to the sponge there was no problem- Liisa Nippala


"A really good facial cleanser and I also use it when traveling."- Suvi Vikholm


"I've used it on my face and I like it a lot! I have oily / combination skin and some impurities. It is perfect for my own skin type. This product has been included in the sauna and I like it!" - Jonna Petäjistö


"Salt soap is just right for my atopic skin." - Tove Björkström-Hillberg


"A very good product for the treatment of skin problems, such as acne and atopic skin. Also an excellent product for baby soaking (no need to grease)." - Marika Lindqvist


"I wish I had found salt soap earlier! The oiliness and shine on my face has been greatly reduced. Salt soap cleanses my skin deeply and leaves it velvety soft." - Ari Numminen

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