Bambu washcloth / dishcloth
Bambu washcloth / dishcloth Bambu washcloth / dishcloth

Bambu washcloth / dishcloth

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Absorbent dish and washcloth with bamboo carbon fiber. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. Bamboo is skin friendly and has a very good absorbency.

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Rinse after use and hang to dry.
Machine wash at 40 degrees celsius.
Bamboo carbon fiber 25.5%, cotton 59.9%, terylene 15%.


You will need 3 pcs Bambu washcloths.

Solve the stitching off, you will get a cloth about 1.5 m long. Fold the cloth so that it is 6 fold and cut into pieces. Now you have 6 absorbent multi-use cloths. You can make 18 household cloths from three washcloths!

Use as kitchen paper and handkerchiefs.
Wash the cloths with the rest of the laundry.
Do not take up space and fit in terms of color for both embroidered and white laundry.

The nature and your wallet will thank you!


Bamboo is a very ecological material. It is the fastest growing plant in the world and very versatile. Bamboo grows again from the point where it is cut. One plant individual can produce up to 15 kilometers of bamboo sticks.

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