Olivos olive oil shampoo bar 125 g
Olivos olive oil shampoo bar 125 g

Olivos olive oil shampoo bar 125 g

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€ 71.20 / kg. Olive oil piece shampoo. Made from 100% natural raw materials.

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Soap for you who love wonderful scents.

Suitable for sensitive and problem scalp.
A natural-scented shampoo for wonderful bathing moments.
Weight: 125 g.

Ing: Sodium Olivate, Aqua, Parfum, Sodium Chloride, Pistacia Terenbinthus Seed Oil.

A shampoo made from 100% extra virgin olive oil and pistachios (Pistacia terebinthus) from the sumac plants treats the hair and makes it airy and naturally shiny. It is an effective aid in the fight against hair loss. The shampoo nourishes the hair and makes it soft. Also prevents scalp flaking.

Rub the shampoo on damp hair.

Olive oil is known for its good health effects. For centuries, the people of the Mediterranean have also known about the beneficial effects of oil in skin care.

Olivos soaps are manufactured by Korkut, a respected soap manufacturer in Turkey. Caps have been known for their traditional handcrafted soaps for decades.



"My daughter has thick hair and a very delicate scalp that easily gets pimples and goes awry. I gave her a test of your novelty, Olivos olive oil shampoo bar. She scrubbed the shampoo bar straight to the itchy scalp, and the itching stopped immediately. After a week, the scalp had healed. The pimples and scabs were gone and the hair was wonderfully fluffy and even thicker!" - Ritva Tolonen, Oulu