Bamboo Carbon Fiber Toothbrush
Bamboo Carbon Fiber Toothbrush

Bamboo Carbon Fiber Toothbrush

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An ecological and stylish toothbrush with soft bamboo carbon fiber brushes that also cleans between the teeth. Antibacterial.

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The antibacterial bamboo carbon toothbrush is an effective and gentle cleanser for tooth enamel and gums. As an antibacterial product, it eliminates bacteria and the odor they produce.

Brush your teeth in the morning and evening with a durable Bamboo toothbrush. The shaped handle fits comfortably in the hand and the size of the brush part is also suitable for a slightly smaller mouth. Due to the handy brush part, the back teeth are also cleaned when they come. The recommended replacement interval for a bamboo carbon toothbrush is about 3 months.

The stem of the toothbrush is bamboo and the bristles are made of bamboo carbon fiber. The product is 100% biodegradable.The toothbrush is also ecologically packed in a cardboard box (no plastic).

Bamboo is a very ecological material. It is the fastest growing plant in the world and very versatile. Bamboo grows again from where it was cut. One plant individual can produce up to 15 kilometers of bamboo sticks.


"The best toothbrush ever! Even the electric toothbrush lost to it. This Tuisa bamboo toothbrush cleans the gaps and edges of my teeth so much better than my previous brush. I will not change these again!" -Teija Kättö

"Quite soft too! +++ Now I can finally brush my gums that have gnashing teeth roots! The brush feels really effective (that is, it feels slippery between teeth). No worries anymore: the bamboo brush is also compostable! Great thing! "This toothbrush is also durable and its wooden hand is also happy to hold. Good product!" - Anne Vitiä, Helsinki

"The toothbrush is now in testing for a week. Absolutely a great product! I recommend trying it. The brush is nicely soft and your teeth feel cleaner than with a traditional brush after scratching." -AC