SADE® salt cosmetics

Salt cosmetics from Finland!

SADE is natural cosmetics developed and manufactured with love in Finland. The selection includes products for gentle body, hair and teeth care.

Crystal salt that soothes and cares for the skin

All the products of the SADE series use plenty of natural and caring ingredients. High-quality organically produced vegetable oils pamper the skin and hair. All products are based on Himalayan crystal salt, which gives the products a fresh breeze from the mountain slopes. Salt disinfects and cleans naturally, without stressing the skin. It balances the skin and treats skin irritation.

SADE salt cosmetics are suitable for all skin types

SADE products are suitable for everyone, but especially for e.g.       

  •  for caring for problematic skin,        
  • for dry skin,      
  • for psoriatic patients,        
  • for allergic and atopic sufferers.

Safe and responsible cosmetics

SADE classic products do not contain added fragrances, while SADE elegant products are mildly scented.

The hair care products do not contain silicone or sulfate at all.

The manufacturing process of the products guarantees that all raw materials are of completely natural origin and safe for people, living things and the ecosystem. The products have not been tested on animals.